It's with a sad heart that we report that the Michael Baisden Show has been canceled by Cumulus Media Networks. Cumulus was the company responsible for syndicating his show to some 200 affiliates nationwide. Michael Baisden and Cumulus Media Networks have been working on terms for a contract renewal and to this point have not been able to come to a mutual agreement.

We were notified last Wednesday (March) via email from Cumulus that Mr. Baisden's show would be canceled as of March 29, 2013. The network also told us that they would be running "best of" shows until March 29.

As brand manager for HOT 107.3 Jamz I wanted to notify our listeners of this development and to let you know that when you do not hear Michael Baisden on the air next Monday (April 1), it was due to circumstances beyond our control.

Here is a quote from Mr. Baisden:

To our advertisers, our affiliates, and most importantly, you our listeners, I want to say thank you for making this the most challenging and the best 10 years of my life. I have grown as a broadcaster, producer, and as a man. George and I will continue to tour and fight for our community until we're back on the air again...which will be soon!!

We are hoping Mr. Baisden's show will be picked up by another syndication company soon. Until that time we will continue to program the very best in old school and today's R&B for your afternoon. I promise to keep you informed of any developments with The Michael Baisden Show.

In the meantime, you can follow Michael Baisden on Facebook and Twitter.