Philadelphia-born producer, MC and culture aficionado MH the Verb is known for using his love for live music to create unique sounds that appeal to all musical tastes. Over the years, MH has released three studio albums, which fuse an array of genres that showoff the Philly native's artistic abilities. Now, the 29-year-old DJ/MC is releasing his debut EP, Owl, alongside his multi-media collective, ArtHouse95.

The three-track project brings social messaging together through an assortment of hip-hop, R&B and free jazz sounds. Its collaborative production, created with the help of Buscrates 16-Bit Enesemble, Ogi Feel The Beat and VerbStone, is a soulful presentation of eclectic chords that blend effortlessly while highlighting their distinct differences.

Excited about his collective work with ArtHoust95, MH breaks down the project's creative process. "[When] I began working with George 'Cylon' Casseus and GR Stone, our individual spirits and creativity gelled," says the Verb. "We developed a common goal and purpose to curate audio and visual projects, mixing soul music with various other art forms, ideas and spaces. We envisioned a place where different artists and creatives could come together and produce media around the concepts of positive vibes and progressive thought. Philadelphia [became] our new creative space for harnessing the various musicians, vocalists, rappers, DJs, and producers we work with."

In addition to MH the Verb's ArtHouse95-assembled sounds, the Philly-bred musician and his artistic band recently released their rendition of Drake's Billboard smash, "Hotline Bling." It doesn't get anymore eclectic than this! Check out MH the Verb and ArtHouse95's "Hotline Bling" cover performance below.