You read that correctly, a meth lab was found in an Oklahoma golf course's porta-potty. This discovery was found just in time, before anyone was injured by the explosion caused by the chemicals. Imagine taking a break on the 9th hole and having a mini meth lab explode inside your porta-potty!

Police were notified of suspicious activity from the Purcell, Okla., golf course staff. These staff members noticed three unusual plastic bottles filled with chemicals within the porta-potty. Officers arrived and soon realized someone had been inside making meth using the "shake and bake" method.

These three plastic bottles were inspected by a group of undercover drug agents. Before they could arrive, two of the bottled filled with the meth making chemicals exploded. These detectives were able to neutralize the third bottle before any harm came to any person.

The criminals behind this left behind fingerprints. The porta-potty where the "shake and bake" bottles were found contained enough evidence that the Purcell officials have suspects in mind already.

That would be a horrible end to a great day out golfing if that porta-potty meth lab had exploded on an innocent golfer. It is a great thing that this ridiculous crime was found out.