Brad Young has worked around in the credit industry for over 15 years and with the 2 largest credit repair companies in Texas before starting his own credit restoration company (Landmark Credit Services) in 2000. Brad was sick and tired of seeing millions of Americans pay too much for cars and houses because of low credit scores and paying outrageous fees and getting poor customer service to other companies in his field…

"We will strive and continue to maintain a company that goes above and beyond the call of just being fair or equal. We believe in going the extra mile and treating every customer as a friend of the family with 3 ingredients. Love, Respect and Patience… Also a firm hand when you get out of line!"

He has spoken in the following venues:

  • Featured Speaker at the Dr. Michael Murdock Millionaire 300 conference in 2006!
  • Pastor Larry & Tiz Huch at DFW New Beginnings in Irving, Texas every quarter in 2007!
  • Pastor Marc Jones at Abundant Harvest in Athen, Texas in 2008!
  • Pastor Mary Henderson in Athens, Texas in 2008!
  • Kemp High School in 2009!