How many times have you really had a hankering for an Egg McMuffin at 3 p.m., and you can't get one because McDonald's has moved on from the breakfast menu? You might be in luck soon. They're thinking about serving breakfast all day.

People have weird hours anyway right? Some of us get up really early, some stay up late, and our stomachs get hungry when they're hungry, and they don't pay attention to the clock.

Mickey D's says it's thinking of testing the all-day breakfast menu in a few markets soon, and East Texas probably won't be one of them. CNBC says it's San Diego to start. The reason they stop serving breakfast at 10:30 a.m. right now, is that they need the toaster ovens and grills for other things. It's a matter of kitchen function.

Do you ever eat breakfast for dinner? We do.

My girls love cheesy eggs and toast, and two out of three would eat pancakes for every meal if I let them. So McDonald's might be onto something there.

Mama could eat a salad and everyone is happy. I am a foodie, and have my finger on the pulse of all things food-related, so I'll keep you updated!