The manhunt for ex-LAPD police officer Christopher Dorner has become the center of media attention this week. From the manifesto he penned and the murders he committed to the most recent news that his dead body was found in a burned cabin, the story has brought much attention to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Some are standing on the side of Dorner, who claimed to experience racism as an LAPD officer -- he was fired after filing what the LAPD determined to be a false report accusing other cops of brutality. MC Lyte was recently a guest on CNN discussing "Dorner sympathizers" and whether they are right or wrong for supporting his cause.

"My take and especially what I read about the case is that he wanted to make good in terms of reporting, I guess, a fellow officer who had kicked a homeless person," Lyte stated.

"So if it all has catapulted into this, I mean, sure shame and yes, just but it is extreme to take another's life. I can also see on the social media front, there are lot of folks there who say a lot of things they ought not say, and yes there's a weirdness about it," she continued.

Her final comment explained why many would support Dorner's side even though he has taken innocent lives.

"But truthfully so it's an uproar because people are being brutalized within L.A. and all over this nation," the President of the Los Angeles Grammy Chapter explained. "We're seeing kids die at the hands of police brutality, so yeah it's out of weirdness but these social media -- it's good to hear what these people have to say, and yes it is not a waste of time because it's a conversation that needs to take place."

Watch MC Lyte Discuss Dorner Sympathizers on CNN