Maxwell's 2009 comeback album BLACKsummers' night was indicated to be the first in what was an expected trilogy of albums. After seven years, we are finally getting the second chapter.

Maxwell's long-awaited BlackSUMMERS' night finally has a release date. The Brooklyn-born singer-songwriter will drop his latest on July 1, and in the meantime; Maxwell has released a new track to the web called "Lake by the Ocean."

Over pulsing percussion and twinkling piano, Maxwell sings about being "lost deep in the storm" and how "you were the one that made me fulfilled," along with mentions of solidarity and trust. It's a quintessentially Maxwell track--the groove is perfect and his Marvin Gaye-esque inflections glide over the groove.

"Basically, the song represents falling in love after a very tough trial period in life and finding contentment in the smallest things next to the biggest things," the singer said during a live Q&A on his Facebook. "'Being content in a lake when you have an entire ocean near you is the epitome of true happiness."

Maxwell's return is appropriately timed. His debut album, Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite, turned 20 last week, so it's somewhat fitting for him to re-emerge right now. And it's not a stretch to believe that R&B fans are ecstatic to have him back.