Oops! Mariah Carey had an unusual wardrobe malfunction in Austria. While most clothing fails happen on the red carpet and involve the dreaded nip slip or a starlet going commando, the singer showed off the also-dreaded camel toe in a skintight, black and red jumpsuit that looked painted on during a performance at the Top of the Mountain concert in Austria.

First off, we can’t blame Mama Mariah for showing off her bod. She shed 70 lbs. of baby weight after birthing twins on April 30, 2011 — so happy birthday to dem babies Monroe and Moroccan — and it was a struggle to regain her pre-baby form. She’s earned the right to flaunt her hot bod. A year to the day later, she took the stage in fine form. But the jumper was a bit too tight.

Carey also wore a black furry jacket, boots and fingerless gloves, looking ski bunny fashionable while keeping warm in the cold mountain air. Ace Showbiz reports that she didn’t seem to notice that she was flashing the camel toe, and showing off that beautiful smile throughout.

Oops indeed!

Watch an E! Clip About Mariah Carey’s Wardrobe Mishap