Exciting news for all of Mariah Carey's Lambs! As promised, the famed singer announces a new single arriving this week and a new album soon after.

It seems Carey has had fans waiting a hot minute for a brand new album. After the singer's duet with Miguel, '#Beautiful,' was released in May 2013 (peaking at No. 15 on the Billboard Hot 100) the songstress announced a July 2013 release date, only for the project to be pushed back just a month before the slated date.

Carey took to Twitter and Facebook to announce a new single titled, 'You're Mine (Eternal),' and a new release date for her 14th album, which is May 6. The video accompanying the announcement serves as a look back on her record-breaking career with stills of her iconic videos, magazine covers and screenshots of her long list of Billboard No. 1s (18 in total).

'You're Mine (Eternal) arrives Feb. 12 -- just a day away. Are you Lambs excited? Share with us in the comments below.

Watch Mariah Carey's Single Announcement