Talk about a boss move. Mariah Carey just dropped $118,000 to book the entire first class section of a commercial airplane because she wants to travel in style to the Cannes Film Festival next month.

While some might say that's a lot of dough for the diva to spend on one flight, others could compare it to purchasing a metro card for the train because once you have millions upon millions of dollars, a mere $118K is like spending the loose change you find in your couch.

And just why did 'The Art of Letting Go' singer want to section off the entire first class seating area? Apparently because she doesn't want to get hassled for autographs and photos by fans, says an inside source according to Web Pro News.

Plus, if she's bringing her children Monroe and Moroccan, the private area will be ultra beneficial because no mom wants a bunch of strangers pestering her kids -- not even one who has huge bodyguards like Carey.

Hopefully, she'll let her husband Nick Cannon sit in first class too, because from the outside looking in, it looks like she's running the show.