Harrison County has seen its fare share of rain over the last couple of days causing massive flooding throughout the county. Flood waters have washed out several culverts and bridges throughout the county causing county officials to issue mandatory evacuation orders for identified low lying areas of the county.

In a statement from the Harrison County Sheriff's Office,

Due to forecast of localized flooding along Big Cypress Bayou, the Harrison County Judge is ordering a mandatory evacuation of the areas of Harrison County that will be inundated with water.  Vehicle traffic will be unable to get in or our of these areas due to high water.  The National Weather Service in Shreveport today issued a River Flood Warning for Big Cypress Bayou and impacting Uncertain.  NWS Hydrologist C.S. Ross states that flooding will be expected to exceed anything since a major flood event in 1966.  The 178 crest at Mooringsport is expected on March 14 with water above flood stage until March 21.  Hurricane Creek will also see extensive backwater flooding.


The evacuation order includes the following area: Pine Island Road, Taylor Island, Shelley Road and areas around TX 43N. Longs Camp area, Cypress Village, low lying parts of Blair's Landing and Durough Road.  Many county roads will be blocked in low areas by flood water.


A shelter for evacuees will be set up by Red Cross at 305 E. Austin St. in Jefferson.  The shelter will open at 6 p.m.


Be sure to bring the essentials with you:

medications, eyeglasses, baby supplies, personal care items, ID cards, check book and financial documents.


Take pets with you and take items to care for pets for several days or weeks.


If you know of friends, family or neighbors that might not get this message, please advise them.