The "genius" award for today goes to a Louisiana man. While most of us struggle with the need to put our cellphones away while we drive, this man couldn't put down his syringe. His, understandable, distraction from the road led him to crash into a police cruiser. 

You heard it here first. The next inductee in the Mensa group, the high I.Q. club, will be Louisiana's  32-year-old Ronald Caplina.

His smarts led him into a big batch of trouble Monday when he caused a auto accident that revealed his drug problem straight to the police.

At about 4 p.m. on October 7, Mr. Caplina was traveling down Fremaux Avenue in Slidell, LA. At that very time, a police lieutenant was monitoring traffic via the shoulder of Fremaux Avenue. The police officer noticed a  2004 Lincoln LS heading away from the roadside and towards his police cruiser. Right before impact, Caplina allegedly looked up to see that he was veering off the road but had little time to react.

Traveling at approximately 40 MPH, Caplina crashed into the police vehicle.

Slidell Police Dept.

Minor injuries were sustained by both parties, but what would hurt Caplina was the officer's discovery of what distracted him from staying on the road.

KLTV reported that the suspicion of Caplina's drug use came from a few signs inside the vehicle directly after the accident. " Police discovered a fresh syringe, along with suspected heroin, inside the vehicle. Police say the syringe had dried blood on the needle and Caplina had fresh injection marks on his arm."

That is right, he was more than likely shooting up Heroin at the moment of impact with the police cruiser.

What a bad day this turned out to be for Caplina. "[He] was cited with careless operation, driving under suspension and no seat belt. He was also booked for possession of a schedule I narcotic (heroin) and possession of drug paraphernalia."

Guess the moral of this story is to be a little smarter, folks.

Don't do drugs. Don't do drugs while driving and pay attention so you don't hit a cop car.