James Irvine, 41, was arrested and charged with neglect after leaving the family pit bull to babysit his 10-month-old baby at home, while he went to a local bar to have drinks. The child's mother (whose name hasn't been released) told authorities that she was working Friday evening and left the child with her boyfriend, Irvine. Irvine told police that he'd been at home all evening, but after being questioned, the local bartender alerted authorities that Irvine had been at their establishment drinking atabout 9:30 pm that evening, and he didn't pay his tab.

The mother told police she made several attempts to reach Irvine via telephone before 11 a.m. and the phone rang several times before he finally picked up and told her he was watching the game -- before hanging up on her.

The mother claimed to have come home to find Irvine urinating on himself outside while making attempts to get in the home through the garage door. She found the child alone in a room crying, and the pit bull was sitting outside the door.

Irvine did finally admit to going drinking, but said the child wasn't left alone because, the "pit bull was watching the baby."

Irvine was taken into custody, but later released on 1,500 bail.

We are just glad the baby is OK.