A Washington state man (literally) blew up his Labrador Retriever after he became convinced the dog was possessed by demons. Christopher Dillingham is free and walking the streets of his Stevenson, Wash., streets. But why?

The dog, named Cabela, was killed by a bomb strapped around its neck. She was only a few years old. She was originally adopted by a man named Ty Freemantle. When he had to move away, he tried everything he could to find the dog a good home. The family she was given to turned out to be the worst place for the poor dog.

Dillingham, a local fireworks business owner, and his family took Cabela into their home. It was only six months into living with the family that she was brutally murdered.

Dillingham apparently came to believe that the dog was possessed by demons and needed to be "put down." So, he took some explosives from his fireworks business and allegedly strapped them around the collar Cabela was wearing. He then lit the explosives causing the decapitation of the innocent animal.

Dillingham has been charged with charges including possession of explosives and reckless endangerment. But, he has not been charged with animal cruelty. It was ruled that he should not receive this charge because the death was instantaneous.

Many people do not agree with this decision. The Internet is exploding with outraged animal lovers. They are encouraging other outraged citizens to give Stevenson City Hall a call to ask them to charge Dillingham with the greatest lengths of the animal cruelty charges that they can.

Want to help them send this man some where he cannot harm more animals, or a human? You can call 509-427-5970.