When it comes to domestic assault, you think of guns, knives or a random fist-pummeling. But today we have another winner who thought out of the box when he assaulted his stepdaughter. The police report from Lowell, Mass., says money was the  turning point for James Hackett. The girl’s mother and Hackett were allegedly arguing about money when the stepdaughter put in her two cents about the subject. That’s when the  fries hit the fan (or in this case the daughter).

The man threw the hot, greasy and salty fries into the girl’s face. They returned to their place where the fry master fled on his motorcycle to another residence where he hangs out. The stepfather came back to the home of the woman and daughter, where police where waiting and then was arrested.

He is now free on bail and pleaded not guilty to the assault and battery counts — the official charge was “assault and battery with a deadly weapon.”

He will have the pretrial in August and Hackett was ordered to stay away from the stepdaughter.

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