As the holidays approach, Mother's Against Drunk Driving wants to remind everyone to "Tie One On For Safety" and be a responsible driver. 2011 marks the 7th annual event that recognizes medical professionals, law enforcement, supporters, and sponsors of M.A.D.D. This year's event will be held Wednesday, November 16th at the Tyler Municipal Rose Garden Center, located at 420 Rose Park Drive in Tyler. M.A.D.D. wants to remind east Texans to drive safe, sober, and buckled up! With the state of Texas ranking 45th in the nation more so east Texas in DWI, and alcohol-related crashes, with many fatal, we all need to do our part in being responsible this holiday season. M.A.D.D. is here to serve victims of violent alcohol or drug-related  incidents at no charge. Unfortunately, M.A.D.D. serves one person every nine minutes! Executive Director Leslie Watson stated:

"M.A.D.D.'s mission is simple. We aren't against you drinking, but we are against you drinking or being under the influence of mind-altering substances, and getting behind the wheel."

DWI or DUI cases have not been limited to vehicles. Incidents have also occurred on bicycles, motorcycles, and sadly, even EMT/EMS workers helping someone and getting hurt or killed on the side of the road. Many restaurants in east Texas have incentive programs to encourage responsible behaviors, like offering free appetizers or dessert to designated drivers at no charge.  M.A.D.D. also wants to encourage parents to talk to their children about alcohol and drugs. They also offer many programs that can help parents break the ice with their child.

For more information on any of the information, or "Tie One On For Safety" visit M.A.D.D. East Texas, located at 215 Winchester Drive Suite 100 Tyler, TX 75701. Volunteer opportunities are also available by calling M.A.D.D. at 903-534-6000 or 1-866-665-6233.

Working together, we can all help prevent these senseless crimes.