Fifteen episodes down, and the 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' season finale doesn't look to be anywhere in sight. So instead of running through the show with a scene-by-scene recap, we're going to give you a recap of the highlights, which of course can only be found at the very end of last night's soap opera.

Over the years, Scrappy and baby mama Erica have seen their share of ups and downs, but they reached their lowest point during season 2 when Erica and Mama Dee went toe-to-toe during what was supposed to be a quaint family dinner. After Scrap's baby mama had no problem telling Mama Dee "to get the hell out of my house" because Ms. Dee couldn't keep her ride-or-die men-tal-ity bottled up inside the happy hip-hop family hasn't been much of a family ever since. Worried about the relationship his daughter, Imani, will have with her grandmother, Scrap decides to sit Mama Dee down and tell her it's time to put an end the war.

In an effort to make amends, Mama Dee takes time out of her "busy"  budding singing career to attend baby mama Erica's Class 6 debut fashion show. And surprisingly, hip-hop's most entertaining mother looked stunning. Who knew? After the show wraps, Mama Dee pulls Erica to the side -- not to swing on her.

"I'm so sorry," says Mama Dee. "I wish you a lot of luck and success because we are family, and I just want you to understand I'm not perfect. I'm a work in progress, and I just want you to make it to the top because after all you are Imani's mom."

With tears falling from both overly dramatic women, Erica Dixon tells Dee, "I don't where it all went wrong, but just how you feel about Scrappy is how I feel about Imani." So for three short minutes, the women in Scrappy's life actually got along -- and they did it all for the children! But the best part about their Mona Scott-Young-written script, they made up just so Mama Dee could get a scooter! "[Scrappy] can't come say nothing else mean about you no more ... I'm done with the meddling as soon as he get me my scooter."

And of course, while Scrappy, Mama Dee, Mignon — Erica's mother — and Erica are trying to create a modern day, remixed version of the 'Cosby' show, Mimi's world continues to fall apart — but that seems to happen in every episode. After all, she is the season's headliner *side eye*. After talking to Deb Antney about her familial issues and having a brief sit down with Stevie J about his horribly-timed, hateful text messages, Molly the Maid receives a handful of text messages with a link to a MediaTakeOut story claiming her year-long "scumbag" boyfriend, Nikko, is married.

It's no secret that Mimi is a little special when it's time to "come to Jesus" about her circumstances, but after getting multiple messages with the same info, she has no problem admitting "there's some truth to every rumor." Thus, Vh1 gets the cameras rolling as Ms. Faust makes her way across Atlanta to confront the man she thought was her man. "My level of trust is at an all time low," she says while driving in her white Audi SUV. "So I wanted to ask Nikko straight up, is there anything I need to be concerned about? And I pray to God this man has the right answer."

With some hesitation, Mimi finally spits the words out, and Nikko provides her with an answer she clearly wasn't ready to hear. "Well now that you asked the question, yes there is."

Here is where you let the credits roll out with Trina singing in the background. "Ni--as ain't sh*t but hoes and tricks."

Tune in next week!