On Season 2, Episode 2 of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,’ Mimi continues be fed up with Stevie J. She meets K. Michelle at the gym to let out her frustrations.

“I just see that he cannot be true to his word.” OK, Mimi, glad you’re waking up to that fact. But K doesn’t get why she’s back in his house in the first place.

"You can’t watch over a man, he’s going to do what he wants to do,” says K.

“It’s like when your pot has boiled over and there’s nothing left to spill out. I messed up,” Mimi admits.

In the meantime, Joseline didn’t take her contract seriously earlier on in her relationship with Stevie J. She wants to perform more and take advantage of her buzz, but doesn’t know the conditions of her contract.

Joseline confronts Stevie J about it but he’s not giving in. “I’m not giving it to you. Don’t ask me about the contract anymore,” he says. “Do I own you? Yes.” Stevie's control issues are psychotic.

Momma Dee continues infiltrating her son’s Lil Scrappy’s relationship. Shay believes that it’s not going to work out and says Erica and Scrappy will be “divorced in a year.” Momma Dee says she wants her throne back and won’t allow Erica to rule it. But isn’t Scrappy supposed to be putting Erica first now that she is his future wife? Not when you’re Momma Dee’s son. “If you listen to me, you’ll get him back,” Momma Dee says to Shay. They’re on a mission.

“The power ex-couple” DJ BabeyDrew and DJ Traci Steele introduce their issues on the show. They’re trying to work out a functional relationship while raising their son. Even though they’re not together, BabeyDrew, who's Chris Brown's DJ, asks Traci for $25,000 to help him open up a sneaker boutique. But Traci isn’t with it if he has “groupie bitches" around benefiting off her money. Seems there’s a lot of pain in their past.

Later on in the show, Momma Dee meets Scrappy at the studio and Shay just magically walks in. Then she leaves them in the room together. Shay needs to move on with her life though! She’s holding on to their friendship because she’s still in love with him. After a tearful rant, she leaves helpless. “As long as you happy that’s all that matters,” Shay tells Scrappy.

Now that Joseline and Mimi are no longer warm to Stevie J and his ridiculous antics, he wants to escape to Benzino’s house. But Benz isn’t about to baby him. “You can’t keep running away from situations you started in the first place,” he says. “You got to do better.”

Stevie J brings Mimi some roses. “That was some bulls---,” Mimi says. She can’t remember the last time he did that. “There’s nothing more I want from you,” she tells him as they sit down on the couch. She has already purchased a new apartment and is ready to move on. “I can’t live with you.”

In the end, Mimi leaves and grabs some clothes and bounces. Stevie J tries to go after her but security tells him not to. He then ends up trying to fight the security guard for stopping him from going after Mimi.

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