Some things change. Some things stay the same. And 'Love & Hip Hop' star Erica is one that is clearly stubborn in her ways -- she fights for nothing ever really that important.

The aspiring singer -- we use that term loosely -- was recently in a cat fight during an event at Nail Lounge in New York City. According to TMZ, Erica and a woman named Tiffany got into a heated debate over a man that turned physical. And Erica started throwing fists first.

A video shows a number of people doing their best to hold both women back but that proves to be unsuccessful.

At some point, Erica yells, "'Love & Hip Hop' can suck my d---." One man who was trying to block her from going back to hit Tiffany was subjected to more blows from Erica. "Move out my f---in' way before I slap you," she said as she tried to push by him.

Her manager and current boo Rich is nowhere to be found until the end of the brawl, just when Erica leaves the establishment. The venue was rather small so guests inside could've easily been harmed if the fight moved the wrong way.

Many stood around in bewilderment after the fight was over. We can pretty much see that the fight ruined the night for all of those attending the event, putting a damper on the business.

Watch Erica Mena Get Into a Fight