Love & Hip Hop New York is coming to an end with the season finale airing next week, but that hasn't stopped Mona Scott-Young -- the mastermind behind the realty TV series -- from continuing to keep the ball rolling. VH1 released a teaser of the upcoming fourth season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, which has gone on to the become the most popular spin-off of the L&HH franchise to date.

The show's last season was centered around a sex tape that cast members Mimi Faust and Nikko had recorded together, which fell into the hands of adult entertainment company, Vivid. The controversy surrounding the tape was due to Nikko's shady behavior -- did he or didn't he leak the tape? While Mimi was last seen defending Nikko in the previous season, from the look of this preview clip, it's safe to say that their relationship has taken a turn for the worst.

And with Stevie J and Mimi burying the hatchet and agreeing to be cordial for the sake of their daughter -- not to mention his dislike of Nikko -- the producer finds himself in his ex-girlfriend's corner. He's in direct opposition of Nikko, who refuses to let Mimi out out a contractual agreement she had signed. Deciding to put family first, Stevie sets his differences with Mimi aside and steps in to protect the mother of his child, making for an interesting twist to the show. Stevie J looks to have made the full 180 from villain to hero.

Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta airs Mon., April 20 at 8 PM.

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