Sex tapes, photo shoots and pregnancies. Yeah, it's just a typical day in 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.' It was inevitable that Monday night's 60-minute saga would begin with Nikko Smith and Mimi Faust coping with the release of their "homemade video."

Well, Mimi was coping and Nikko was basking in the fact that he was Twitter-famous for 72 hours while secretly singing, "Mama, we made it," as he read multiple comments about his girlfriend's ability to hold on to a shower rod.

Of all the comments posted, Mr. Smith somehow stumbles across Joseline's "45-year-old granny porn" cracks and all he can say is, "Joseline's mad. We gotta make her madder... We're trending worldwide!" So that's what all this is for? To become a trending topic? Bye, Felicia.

And while Mimi's Stevie J wannabe is reveling in his newfound two minutes of fame, she decides to stop feeling sorry for herself and defends her choice to sashay her goodies across America's money-making small screen. "One of the reasons I signed the contract in the first place is because Joseline taught me what not to do," she states. " Her naked ass is all over the Internet and didn't make not one red cent. Ever since this tape has come out, I've gone from feelin' real uncomfortable to realizing there might be a whole lot of opportunity out there for me. Now it's time to make those coins." In other words, Mimi is officially a proud parent porn star.

As far as Nikko goes, she only has one thing to say: "Nikko may get on my nerves, but he's been here through all of this. I wouldn't have been able to make it through this without him."

Looking to capitalize on any business he can, Benzino brings Stevie J into the Hip Hop Weekly headquarters to ask his thoughts about putting Mimi on the mag's upcoming cover. "Right now Sleaze, she's probably the most talked about woman on Earth," says Benzino. But looking out for his daughter's best interest, Stevie tells his partner-in-crime that putting the mother of his child on the cover to celebrate her sexcapades isn't something he's ready to do.

Benzino tries to convince Sleaze with the number of copies the issue will sell, but Stevie makes jaws drop when he responds by saying, "All money ain't good money." Stevie, did you suddenly grow a heart? SJ says he needs some time to think about it, but Zino does what he wants and goes after Mimi for the cover anyway.

The Hip Hop Weekly CEO brings Mimi, and her publicist, Dawn, in to talk about her cover debut. Mimi says she'll do it for "10 grand." The best part is she's serious. Unfortunately, the 45-year-old reality star doesn't know any better when asking to get paid to pose for a cover. Just because you got paid to swing around your bathroom naked doesn't mean people will pay you to be on their magazine covers fully clothed. In fact, it's kinda the opposite, don't you think?

Mimi threatens to sue Zino if he puts her picture on the cover without her permission, but guess she forgot the First Amendment allows for freedom of the press. And really, all Zino has to do is purchase a photo from Getty Images, and that dear Mimi, is legal. Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids.

To close 'As the World Turns With Mimi & Nikko,' Mimi's girls -- Ariane, Rasheeda and Erica -- all meet her for dinner to confront her about her poor decisions. But Molly the Maid just doesn't want to hear it. So for all those shower rod fans out there, get ready for a part two.

Sidenote, has anyone else noticed that there is absolutely no real furniture in Mimi's house when the cameras are there? #CanAnyoneSayRental?

As Nikko continues to woo Mimi with his penile prosperity, Scrappy is looking for new ways to show Bambi that he's all about her and completely done with Erica Pinkett. Waterfalls, roses and chocolate covered strawberries -- there's nothing Darryl Richardson won't do when it comes to the Bam.

With a blanket laid out in the middle of "the jungle," Scrappy asks Bambi to pass him the basket full of sandwiches so they can eat but the joke's on her because the only thing the brown, woven basket has is air. Ultimately, he surprises the former 'Flavor of Love' star with a ring. But don't get it twisted, it may look like an engagement ring but it turns out it's just a "friendship, promise, love ring."

What did Mama Dee have to say about all this? "So Erica Pinkett doesn't get a friendship ring?"

Until next time.