Episode 12 was just another day in the land of the young and ratchet, yet, no real fights popped off. Hats off to Mona Scott-Young and the VH1 production team for making sure everyone left the set scratch-free.

The hour-long reality show kicks off with scenes of Mimi and her 3-year-old daughter, Eva. While audiences hear the words "my daughter" pour out of Mimi's mouth on a consistent basis, fans have not actually seen the adorable toddler since #LHHATL season 1. As the reality TV star bonds with her child, the cameras show the two packing Eva's bags for a trip to Daddy's house -- Stevie J -- so Mimi can try to figure out how to cope with the official release of 'Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta.'

While viewers see good ol' Molly the Maid in a loving, nurturing, motherly light, it's hard to reminisce on how her body is so florescent under the light of her porn production crew. She could've said she was drunk in love, and people might've understood her moment of crazines. But since everyone knows the entire sex tape was planned, there's no reason for Mimi to offer any "reasonable" excuse.

As the 40-plus-year-old mother drives her daughter to Stevie J's, the screen cuts to her confessional: a video of a distraught Mimi publicly battling what she's going to tell her daughter to justify her decision to make this tape "as a woman and as a mother." "As hard as this is, all I can do is face this head on and try to do this with some dignity and respect so I can be the strong woman that my daughter needs me to be," she says. Unfortunately, being strong on a shower rod isn't exactly the type of "strong" she needs. But hey, every parent has their own teaching methods, right?

When Mimi and Eva meet Stevie, the music producer takes his daughter and surprises her with a princess-themed bouncy castle while speaking to her via his confessional. "Eva needs to know that she has someone to love and protect her, and that's me, Daddy," says Stevie. "You have to love and respect yourself, and that's what I'm her to assure."

As Stevie and Mimi are trying to figure out how to protect their seed from the sex tape backlash, Kirk Frost decides to throw Rasheeda an official "I'm sorry" party. With the usual suspects invited -- with the exception of one who came out of nowhere, Bobby V -- Kirk, Rasheeda and Shirleen party it up with their friends. Bobby V "surprises" everyone by singing a Rasheeda-tailored track just for the occasion, but not before opening his three-minute set with "This is from Kirk Frost, you know he's one of the sorriest men in Atlanta."

All puns were intended when Bobby dropped that line. But if the R&B crooner wasn't enough to show how sorry Kirk was, Mr. Frost made sure his entire neighborhood knew about his heartfelt apology with a black-and-white "I'm Sorry" banner hanging across the front of his house.

And in true Karlie Redd fashion, no party can exist without her commentary or emotions involved. "I think this party is a good idea. It will give him a chance to apologize for the whole last year of his life," she states.

Aside from Redd's unwarranted footnotes, Kirk had no problem helping his wife relive the infamous cabin excursion while apologizing for his actions encouraged by his thoughtless friends -- Benzino and Bobby V -- who should've never invited him for a weekend of hangs outs with hoes in the first place. After requesting that his boys give their own apologies to Rasheeda on the mic, he surprises her with a heart-shaped diamond necklace to symbolize their love and the connection he hopes they'll have for the years to come.

Shockingly touched by her husband's efforts, Rasheeda takes the mic out of Kirk's hands to share her own thoughts on the past tumultuous year of their marriage. "What a rough patch you can have in a marriage," says Rasheeda. "It took a while for me to begin to want to trust him again because I was hurt, but at the end of the day, as a wife when you step into a commitment that's the thing you're supposed to do because when the road gets rough you don't just run. I appreciate all the effort you've given so far to prove your love to me, and hopefully you understand what you got and get your sh-t together forever."

So Kirk, if you didn't get the message: there's no more room for error.

As the day goes on, 'Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta' finally hits the streets and the Internet and any place else people can think of. While Joseline and K Michelle watch the tape together in New York -- because Joseline got tired of dealing with Stevie J -- Erica and Ariane meet up to watch it together in Atlanta. Heartbroken and disgusted by what they're seeing, Erica says, "Did you that s---? This is not something they f---ing made, this is some professional -- like this s--- is in different areas. Like, what the f---. This ain't no homemade s---."

And she doesn't stop there. "I am disgusted. It ain't even for Mimi, 'cause [she's] a grown ass woman. [She] had a choice. It's for Eva, 'cause she didn't have one... this f---ing pisses me off. That's some f---ed up, selfish s--- right there... s--- like this hurts my heart...," Erica says. And tears begin to fall. To finish up her monologue about Mimi's bad parenting, she tells Ariane, "You better talk to her before I do because I'm gonna hurt her feelings."

To wrap up another riveting week in ratchet wonderland, the cameras cut to media coverage by various outlets across the country reporting on the "pseudo celeb" releasing a sex tape. But not before showing a clip of Mimi's first post-tape interview with Vlad TV.

"I wasn't sleeping with some guy off the street. I was making love to my man," Mimi states.

Until next time.