Longview native Oleus Lilly has begun his 800-mile run from El Paso back to Longview. Why is he doing this? To raise funds and awareness for all cancers. He will run the entire month to honer his grandmother, who he lost to Breast Cancer and for all cancer survivors.


Shani Scott, Hot 107.3 Jamz

This is not the first time Oleus has done this. In 2010 he ran for 27 days from Ft. Worth to the Longview Cancer Center. On his 27-day run from DFW to East Texas he slept outside every night with the exception of one. Sleeping in storm drains, park benches and behind buildings, he ran on a sprained ankle while tired and sick.

He does this to raise funds for the Longview Oncology Center and the American Cancer Society. This year his goal is to raise $15,000. His run kicked off Wednesday, October 1 at the Del Sol Medical Center in El Paso. The Longview Fire Department pitched in to help map out a route for him and he has several other sponsors as well. Currently,

Oleus is about 581 miles away from Dallas.

To follow his run, check out his fan page on Facebook and encourage Oleus to run, run run!