Finishing touches are being put on Longview's new $5.75 million 20,885 square foot animal adoption center! Longview's new no-kill animal facility could be accepting and adopting out rescued and surrendered pets as early as July 1st. When the new facility opens it also signals the end of the Humane Society (of Northeast Texas), because they will be closing their doors as reported by the Longview News Journal.

The new facility is a partnership between the City of Longview and Gregg County and was approved by the Longview City Council. In addition to adopting animals from the shelter, they will also educate the community on the importance of spay and neutering as a way to control the pet population. Shannon DeRosa, executive directors says,

There's just many reasons why being a responsible pet owner benefits the community, and it all starts with population control, and so with that, our big push is going to be spay and neuter."

The new facility is approximately four times the current size of the Humane Society's facility, but in cases of overpopulation at the new facility, euthanasia may be considered if the health of an animal or other issue deems them unadoptable.

The new facility has already entered into an agreement with the City of Kilgore that will allow them to bring in their stray animals to the facility in Longview. Longview's new animal shelter is located at H.G. Mosley Pkwy and Pecos Street.