Bus Route 7 is being proposed by Longview Transit which would transport passengers between Longview and Gladewater along Highway 80.

The bus route was proposed more than a year ago by Gladewater Councilman Delbert Burlison as a transportation option for the citizens of Gladewater to access jobs and shopping in Longview. Longview Transit has seen an increase of 20% in ridership over last year and is now considering the westward route. If the route is approved, service could begin as soon as March 1st for the housing authority area of Gladewater.

As reported by the Longview News Journal, Longview Transit Director of Operations Tequita Mumphrey says, "We have a proposed start date of March 1. Longview Transit is already looking at the route, and we believe it will tie in with what we have in place right now."

One bus will be dedicated to route 7 that will loop around Marshall Ave. and Cotton St. in Longview, travel Highway 80 through White Oak and Clarksville City and loop through Gladewater making three stops along the hour and a half route.

The Longview City Council will be meeting soon on this newly proposed route and if approved could begin March 1st and run through August with a route review at the end of its trial run.