On Oct. 1, Oleus Lilly began a 763 mile run from El Paso to Longview to raise money and awareness for cancer. Despite being stopped by police, sleeping in the elements and suffering a stress fracture, he has made it back to East Texas a week early.

The run began  from an Oncology Center in El Paso and was set to end Nov. 1 at Texas Oncology Center in Longview. Oleus told KETK that he would run a marathon a day, brok

en into 5- to 7-mile increments. In 2010, he teamed up with the American Cancer Society for Run Across Texas. This 200 mile run took about 27 days and he ran with a 40lb pack on his back from Ft. Worth to Longview.

In 2007, Oleus lost his grandmother to cancer and wanted to honor her life with this run and also others who have battled and survived cancer. On this current run Oleus has suffered a stress fracture, reported by The News-Journal on October 16, but was able to  push through and make it to East Texas one week early.

You can track his entire run at https://www.facebook.com/oleus.lilly or https://www.facebook.com/runoleusrun. If you would like to see Oleus run today, his map is posted below.