Most people are able to bring their new babies home just a few days after their birth. Not all are that lucky. A local Tyler family have been waiting for the chance to welcome their daughter home for months now. They are requesting prayers and lots of love to ensure this happy day goes well. 

Joey and Alexis Nartia welcomed their baby girl, Indigo, into the world a little bit early and now, over 90 days later, they are able to bring her home. It has been a long fight for this family of four, including the Nartia's five-year-old son, to get to this point where Indigo can come home.

On October 11, 2013, Alexis was rushed to the hospital with complications to her still early on pregnancy. She was told that they would have to begin heavy steroid treatments to the tiny baby to make sure her little lungs would make it outside of the womb. This was harsh news for the family because it meant that their baby girl was going to be born more than 70 days premature.

Alexia Nartia was sent into the operating room for an emergency c-section with family and friends gathered and praying outside. The surgery went as well as it can in such a difficult situation, but the fight for Indigo's sweet life was far from over.

Alexis Nartia, Facebook

This tiny girl would go through endless tests, IVs, x-rays, blood transfusions, a feeding tube, PICC line, and so much more before she was promised to come home. Then, the day seemed to be upon them.

LIndigo was set to go home, but this would be a short trip. The Nartia's gathered their little bundle up and made their way home in early December. The nervous parents sat over her crib through the night making sure was alright. It was a good thing that they did. Little Indigo stopped breathing at one point. Joey Nartia preformed CPR on his tiny daughter as his wife, Alexis, was on the phone with 911. They were taken back to the NICU that early morning of December 16.

Alexis Nartia, Facebook

What a heart break to have you sweet child in your home finally to only have her return to the exact room in the hospital she had just left.

But, baby Indigo is a fighter. She has fought through every hurdle thrown at her during her short, short life. She and her family have been through more than any deserves. There positive and caring attitudes guiding them through every step.

When I spoke with Alexis Nartia she never had a seed of doubt in her mind that things would be okay. She even told me that she was grateful for all of the prayers, money given towards the high medical bills, kind words, and support that her family has been receiving, but she wanted everyone to known that she felt it more important for all the families going through something this difficult to be recognized and prayed over. She said, "I feel so lucky, my little girl is actually a miracle. There are other families that aren't having the luck we are."

Alexia Nartia, Facebook

That is amazing to hear a mother call to attention the other families going through this tough time and be so positive.

This amazing woman, her loving and also pretty darn cool husband, and their awesome son have waited so long to see their little darling come home. Today is finally that day.

I ask all of you on behave of this great family to share your positive thoughts and prayers with them on this glorious day. To give a further helping hand, you can make monetary donations to help with the medical costs by donating here. Or, you can visit their amazing restaurant What About Kabob. Like the Kabob Faceook page for more updates on Baby Indigo.