We all know what it's like to wake up early in the morning and need a caffeine boost. But the big coffee chains like Starbucks and Einstein Bros. being so popular, it's hard to get your quick cup of coffee in the morning because everyone decided to get coffee at the same time. But, there are plenty of locally owned coffee shops that are just as good -- if not better -- than the big chain coffee shops. Check 'em out.

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    Whitehouse, Tyler, Gresham

    Kickerz! is one of my personal favorite places to get coffee. They have four locations in East Texas, one of which is under construction. Each location has two drive-thru lanes, which make it quick and easy to get your coffee and breakfast and get to work. You can't miss them either -- just look for the big cowboy hat.

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    Caffe Tazza


    Caffe Tazza is on the more high-end side of coffee shops. It is a bit expensive, but completely worth it. They have a great variety of coffees and drinks, as well as serving breakfast and lunch. I have myself a blueberry muffin for breakfast then head back for a panini and tomato basil soup for lunch. Caffe Tazza is located right behind Broadway Square Mall on Old Bullard Road.

    Caffe Tazza, Facebook
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    Downtown Coffee Lounge

    Downtown Tyler

    The Downtown Coffee Lounge is a great, eclectic coffee shop with coffee, treats, great lunches, music, local artwork on the walls and a great, laid-back atmosphere. It's the perfect place for students to study or to get some work done. The Downtown Coffee Lounge is located on the downtown square at the corner of Erwin St. and College.

    Downtown Coffee Lounge, Facebook
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    The Coffee Mill


    Locals say that The Coffee Mill in Longview is the best coffee joint they have ever been to. One said that they even poured out their Starbucks coffee and went to the Coffee Mill.

    moviebuff5, Flickr