WASHINGTON —A win Tuesday night for Rick Santorum has given his campaign the momentum he needed. The Republican presidential candidate won caucuses in Minnesota and Colorado and Missouri's nonbinding primary. Mitt Romney still leads the pack in the number of delegates won.


Fire Erupts at Longview Convenience Store

LONGVIEW -- A fire last night at a Longview convenience store caused considerable damage . Firefighters were called to the Food Fast on Marshall Ave shortly after 9pm. There were several customers inside the store when the blaze broke out, but no injuries were reported. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.


Police Investigating Shots Fired in Tyler

TYLER -- Tyler Police are investigating a report of gunfire Tuesday night in the 800 block of Pinkerton Avenue. Police were told several people were arguing when one person pulled a gun on the group ,pointed the weapon at them, and then fired several shots in the air before leaving the scene in a light blue Ford Taurus or possibly a blue Camaro Convertible. There were no injuries during the disturbance.


Texas Primary Will Likely Be Delayed

AUSTIN — A federal court will likely draft new political maps for Texas and set a new primary date. The April 3 date seems unlikely since talks between the state and minority groups have failed to produce a compromise map. Federal judges have scheduled another hearing next week.


New Caffeine Shot Has Some Concerned

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — There's a new way to get a shot of caffeine, and it has some people concerned. AeroShot is a lipstick-sized tube that contains caffeine powder that's inhaled. It went on the market last month in Massachusetts and New York. But Sen. Charles Schumer of New York wants the Food and Drug Administration to review AeroShot. He fears it will be used as a club drug.


Chinese Newborn Weighs in at Almost 16 Pounds

BEIJING — A record birth in Central China where a woman has given birth to a nearly 16-pound baby, possibly the largest newborn on record in China since 1949. The state-run Tianjin Post says the 29-year-old mother delivered the 15-pound 8-ounce boy by Caesarian section. The heaviest newborn ever recorded was almost 24 pounds in 1879 in Ohio.