Santa Monica Police Department / Los Angeles County Sherrif's Department

After Lindsay Lohan was taken into custody once again on Wednesday — this time for a probation violation — she got a shiny new mugshot to add to her growing collection.

Maybe it's just us, but when your mugshots outnumber your movie posters, maybe it's time to stop calling yourself an actress and just embrace the “outlaw” handle. Hum 'The Way We Were' and take a stroll with us down memory lane, won't you?


Santa Monica Police Department


July, 2007


The one that started it all, taken after LiLo was arrested in Santa Monica, California on suspicion of drunk driving. Perhaps she was trying to get out of promoting 'I Know Who Killed Me.'


Los Angeles County Sherrif's Department


November, 2007


The booking shot when she surrendered to serve a short — 84 minutes, to be exact — sentence connected to the DUI charge. Is it us, or does she really look like mom Dina Lohan in this one?


Los Angeles County Sherrif's Department


July, 2010


As part of her probation, Lohan isn't allowed to drink alcohol — but when a judge finds her in violation, the actress is again locked up. This time she was sentenced to 90 days and wound up serving two weeks.


Los Angeles County Sherrif's Department


September, 2010


Lindsay fails a court-mandated drug test and once again finds herself a guest of the California Department of Corrections.


Los Angeles County Sherrif's Department


October, 2011


Lohan adds to her growing portfolio for yet another probation violation, this time for failing to perform her community service requirement. Good luck, Lindsay! We're still holding out hope for 'Herbie: Fully Loaded 2.'