UPDATE: Weezy states that the flag trampling was an accident.

Alrighty, get ready for the firestorm to start because Lil Wayne was none too nice to the stars and stripes while he was shooting his video for 'God Bless Amerika' in New Orleans. We have a feeling there is going to be some backlash.

The rapper is shown in the video rapping on the backdrop of an American flag, when Old Glory drops the the ground to reveal a crowd of NoLa locals standing behind it. That's when the potential drama starts. Weezy proceeds to walk all over the flag, but it's not really clear whether it's on purpose or not. Once the video for 'God Bless Amerika' drops, it might be a little more apparent whether the flag on the ground is still in the frame. Purposeful or not, the production crew on the video should have been a little more mindful of the placement of the flag.

To be clear, the track doesn't have much anti-American sentiment, but rather more airing distaste with the lack of spirituality in the country these days. Wayne raps on the chorus, "God bless Amerika / This ole' godless Amerika / I heard tomorrow ain’t promised today / The end of time is like a hour away."

Either way, Weezy is sure to get an ear-full from Americans in all shapes and sizes for his obvious oversight.