Lil Wayne is an engaged man. Who knew? On the premiere episode of MTV's 'The Show With Vinny,' the Young Money honcho reveals that he officially put a ring on the finger of his Italian girlfriend.

It's been long rumored that Weezy was engaged to his lady love Dhea Sodano, but there hasn't been an official announcement until now.

During his appearance on the show, Wayne is introduced to the 'Jersey Shore' star's mother and family. When asked if he's ever eaten Italian food before, the rapper says with a smile, "My fiancee's Italian."

Vinny's mother then asks, "What part of Italy -- Sicilian, Neapolitan?"

Wayne's response: "Arizona."

WTF? Now we just looked at our Rand McNally's world map and we didn't see any region in Italy called Arizona.

Complex did some fact-checking two years ago and found out that Dhea is from Scottsdale, Arizona and used to work at Suede Restaurant & Lounge.

In any case, Wayne gorged himself on a lovely home-cooked Italian meal. The 'No Worries' rapper also discovered what mozzarella cheese is and noshed on some broccoli rabé.

Wayne also revealed to Vinny's family his one meaningful tattoo, which reads, "In memory of Rabbit, It's Up to Me." He received the ink in memory of his late stepdad.

In the end, we learned that Wayne plans to get married and Vinny's mom can throw down in the kitchen.

Now that's some food for thought.

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