One week from today the ballots will have been cast and a decision made. How will this election affect us? What will the world look like one week from today?

Whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney are in office, this country will be seeing some changes rolling in. Locally there will be a chance of redesign and a new face in a position held by an individual for a life time. If you do not vote Tuesday of next week, these changes will happen to you and not because of you. However they come, these alterations will affect us all.

Though no big transformations will happen the day after the election, it would be interesting to see how life could be different in seven day's time. Lets take a look at how different things could be, not so long from now.

In Smith County there are two big changes that could be headed to us. One is a sure set change and the other is up to the voters to decide.

The first big change is a new sheriff for Smith County. There hasn't been a new sheriff in town since 1976. This is a lifetime of service and an amazing run that is about to end. So who will be taking J.B. Smith's place? After 34 years in law enforcement, Larry R. Smith is taking the badge. With no competitor, Smith is a shoe in for the position.

Is it a little odd to anyone else that the sheriffs of Smith County will be Smiths themselves? It is a weird little quirk that is soon to become part of our history. Another choice on the ballot for Tuesday is something that will change another long living staple of Smith County.

Smith has been a dry county for longer than anyone can remember. It has been an ingrained part of life here to drive to the line to grab the weekend's beverages, but this might be up for a change. The vote for a chance to choose could knock out the prohibition status of Tyler and allow beer and wine to be sold at places like Brookshire's. How else could it be easier for us to celebrate the decision of America's next president?

I won't bore you with presidential facts and figures. No matter what has been said, there will only stand one man after the votes have been tallied. Either Obama or Romney will be in control of this country for the next four years. One side will feel let down while the other rejoices in the win for their candidate.

But when the celebrations are all over and life begins again, what will remain the same and what will be different?

There is no way of knowing how life will be next Wednesday. But, the world will have changed. Smith County's police force will be led by another Smith. Tyler could be a little more wet than it has ever been. Someone will have to begin doing all of the things they promised will running for president. How would you like to see the world refashioned?

We will have to wait and see what actually happens. The day is coming to see not just East Texas, but the U.S. transformed.