Lady Gaga is the latest celeb to show her support for Obamacare, taking a minute off from the 'ARTPOP' promo machine to help advance another agenda and one that is of critical importance to all Americans.

Ma Monster, who admitted last year that she did vote for Barry O. and who performed at a private event in support of the prez, donned a sign reading 'Get Covered,' as actress Nina Dobrev did!

Gaga's photo wasn't topless as Dobrev's was, but it was Gaga-esque in scope, size and style. She rocked massive hair and garters while encouraging her legion of little monsters to take advantage of this program designed to provide better quality healthcare to more Americans.

Celebs are doing their part to get the word out and to stimulate chatter on this important issue on social media. Once again, the Twitterverse is being used for good and having Lady Gaga onboard as a supporter is great for Obamacare, since she has such a direct connection with her fans and with the youth.

See the photo below.