I have told people of my personal experiences of white business owners informing me that they did not take "N@$%a Money" in their businesses, so this is no surprise to me. Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, told his girlfriend, who is black, not to associate herself with African Americans, because she is mixed and can pass for a Latin or white girl.

I will never go to anything associated with the Clippers while he is the owner, but the question I have, are they still dating? I would personally would not be able to be with someone who wants me to disassociate myself with what is an association to me.

He even told her not to talk about Magic Johnson on her Instagram page. The less than a human of a person also refused to rent to Hispanics, blacks and people with families and ending up paying out $2.37 million to settle the allegations by the government.

We can go on and on with a laundry list of the things this racist man has said and done. To me he sounds like a modern day slave owner. In his mind, blacks are only good for his entertainment pleasures, sexual pleasures and domestic pleasures. So I say to the black people providing this pleasures for him ... STOP IT NOW!