Former NFL Great Kurt Warner recently rated the top five quarterbacks in the league, and by no surprise, Peyton Manning came in at No. 1 after he's started the season with 20 touchdowns and one interception.

Drew Brees, who is starting a 5-0 campaign with the New Orleans Saints, was ranked No. 2 by Warner. He ranked Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who threw for over 500 yards last week against the Denver Broncos, at No. 3. QB's. At No. 4 is Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts, who have in the past two weeks defeated the defending NFC champ San Francisco 49ers and the high-flying Seattle Seahawks.

But No. 5 is a HUGE surprise -- Terrell Pryor of the Oakland Raiders. Pryror is having a big season and is surprising a lot of NFL critics. Sorry Matt Flynn.