We all want to know the same thing -- Why did Vanessa Bryant file for divorce from Kobe Bryant after 10 years? Apparently, a source extremely close to the couple revealed that Vanessa knew about multiple women that Kobe was cheating with. Vanessa has stood by Kobe during the alleged rape scandal, and stuck it out with him, but here recently the icing on the cake was that Vanessa caught Kobe in his infidelity, and that prompted her to officially end their 10 year marriage. No real word has been said on "how" she caught Kobe, but word is that it is pretty ugly. So ugly in fact, that their two daughters knew of their father's blatant infidelity.

Unconfirmed reports also indicate that Kobe would brag about his sexual indiscretions to his fellow team-mates, and then in-turn the team-mates told their wives. -- We assume that it all got back to Vanessa.

The source also reveals that Vanessa is still in love with her soon-to-be ex-husband, but she is extremely hurt, and is tired of his cheating. Wow.

Did any of us see this coming?