Kleenex learned the hard way that branding a product for a specific gender is a silly choice. The company is scrapping its "Mansize" brand name after consumers complained the name was sexist.

According to USA Today, Kimberly Clark a spokesperson representing the brand said, the “Mansize” tissues have been on shelves for the past 60 years from the Texas based parent company.

In no way suggests that being both soft and strong is an exclusively masculine trait, nor do we believe that the “Mansize” branding suggests or endorses gender inequality. Our Mansize tissues remain one of our most popular products, with 3.4 million people buying these tissues every year.

The brand has been characterized by a much larger tissue size, which is both soft and durable. It was launched at a time when large cotton handkerchiefs were still very popular and Kleenex offered a unique disposable alternative.

After feedback on social media, they have decided to change the name to ‘Kleenex Extra Large.'