R&B singer K'Jon returns to the R&B scene with a soulful new single called 'Tell You Why.'

It's been a minute since we've heard from the Detroit singer, who is mostly known for his No. 1 R&B song, 'On the Ocean,' and the beautiful ballad, 'This Time.'

On 'Tell You Why,' K'Jon serenades a lovely woman that catches his eyes on the dance floor. "There she go / Dancing 'round and 'round / So incredible / And everything around her / She don't know it, but she will be mines / I'm going to tell her why she's everything," he croons.

On the chorus, he compliments her further by singing, "I love the way you move girl / I love everything you do girl / I love the way you style your hair / Love the way you smile girl."

For anyone looking for a romantic R&B song that's not sexually explicit and gentle on the ears, check out his tender ballad.

"Was just telling @teamkjon the music game isn't the same anymore. My goal now is 2 just put out good music. Good music can't be stopped!" K'Jon tweeted to his followers. He then added, "I remember before any record deals, before radio, before the fame, I set out 2 put good music out here... so here we go again! Y'all ready?

Yes we are ready! We're glad to hear K'Jon's back and we can't wait to hear more music from him.

Listen to K'Jon's 'Tell You Why'