US History teacher, Cynthia Duncan, of Kilgore Middle School is looking at for your postcards from across the country to help with geography lesson.

She posted on Facebook her request and has received some great feedback.

"They can see pictures of Georgia in text books all day long, but unless they have been to Georgia, or have driven through Georgia, or they know someone from Georgia, than they don't get to authentically experience that," Duncan told KLTV. "I was trying to get them to understand that the New England colonies was a region and I said to them, 'have you ever heard of the New England Patriots,' but they had no idea that New England was an area, it was a region. Now it's kind of blown up. I probably have gotten 75 to a hundred Facebook messages from people I have no idea who they are or who even sent it to them," said Duncan.

If you would like to help out, mail your postcard to Kilgore Middle School, 301 N. Kilgore St., Kilgore, Tx 75662.