'Show Me,' the lead single from Kid Ink's upcoming 'My Own Lane' album, is an uptempo track buoyed by reliable chorus crooner Chris Brown. It's clearly one made for a celebration, so it makes sense that the video is set in a packed house party.

Ink slips into a bong-induced coma and wakes up to a lively party in his house. The rapper, who appears to be high (his eyes are reddish and watery throughout the shoot), makes his way through the festivities where Brown makes himself comfortable by dancing and having conversation with the ladies.

There's red cups, a keg and a lot of fancy footwork. The visual finally climaxes with a skateboarding exhibition. Skaters show up and suddenly become the center of attention, while a skateboarding dog closes out the Brown-directed video.

Brown will release what's supposed to be his final album, 'X,' on Dec. 3, while Kid Ink's 'My Own Lane' is delayed for a January 2014 release.