So Keyshia went complete 'donkey' this weekend in LA at Birdman's condo and ended up in jail. Seems like she did all of that for no reason. She thought that the chick was his side piece and that is not the case at all.

Sabrina Mercadel is the woman Keyshia thought was sleeping with her now boyfriend, Birdman. Truth be told, Sabrina is a Cash Money employee and has been for at least 10 years now. The other part of this story is that, Sabrina was not the only person at the condo...there were 1, 2, 3, 4 other people there at 5am!!

Keyshia focused in on Sabrina when she came out of the bathroom and began yelling at her, "What are you doing with my man?" Keyshia was arrested for assault and has since been released on bail. Sabrina was admitted to the hospital and now out on pain pills. So what was Keyshia thinking?