Keyshia Cole, who was rumored to be dating Bow Wow, is being accused of throwing cake at his car. Although it's uncertain who the threw the cake, one thing is for sure:  the culprit made one crucial mistake by defacing the wrong car -- and possibly getting caught on camera.

"So one of my exes decides to drive by on some thin line between love and hate **** throw a cake on the rolls. Only thing is thats not my car," read a tweet from Bow Wow. "But we looking at the camera footage and see exactly who it was. Its flattering.... Just know this... We on your bumper," read his next tweet.

But while Bow Wow was coy regarding who had a hand in the fiasco, his friend, Wackstar, may have spilled the beans -- especially since it was his car that got the cake.

"@keyshiacole check this out blood i don't got nothing to do wit what ever you got going on 4 you to egg my car , keep me out the bulls---," read the Instagram post with a photo of the car in question. Yikes.

Either way, Bow Wow, wasn't letting the drama ruin his birthday which was the same day as the incident. "We up! Its my birthday. Not letting nothing stop this day. God deals w those who need to be dealt w/. Lets be positive today! 29," he tweeted.

Do you really think Keyshia Cole threw cake at a car? Let us know your theories in the comments!