In response to recent criticism that there are no black actresses and comedians in the current cast of 'Saturday Night Live,' host Kerry Washington --who held her own all ep long-- was asked to play multiple black female roles in last night's (Nov. 2) cold open. It was 'SNL' addressing critics in the best way it knows how -- through humor and during a skit.

K. Wash started out as Michelle Obama, having some alone time with her hubby, aka the Leader of the Free World. She then had to drop out of the scene to morph into Oprah, and her impression of Oprah's famous exuberance when she welcomed guests or espoused something (like a book) she loved was spot on.

The 'Scandal' star then left that scene to get dressed for her next turn as Beyonce, although she never appeared onscreen as the singer! She did shout off camera that Bey'd be in a bathrobe not a fancy dress. It was subtle and brilliant.

A voiceover apologized to Washington for having to shoulder that much responsibility and pressure, and to play that many roles in a single skit since they had no one else to serve as O and Bey. There was, however, an abundance of cast members to play Matthew McConaughey. Again, another fantastic and subtle comedic touch.

It was Al Sharpton, a watchdog on race issues in the media, who delivered the 'Live…from New York' line to kick off the ep.

Overall, it was a home run and fun, since we don't often see the host in the very first, pre-monologue skit.