A 51-year-old Kentucky man who's accused of killing two black people at a Kroger grocery store and in its parking lot last Wednesday (October 24th) after unsuccessfully trying to get into a black church was indicted yesterday (October 31st) on murder charges.

According to NBC News, Gregory Bush, who is white, was seen on surveillance video trying to enter a historically black church outside Louisville minutes before the Kroger shootings, but wasn't able to get in.

The arrest report says he then went into the Kroger's and shot a man in the back of the head and kept shooting him several times before walking outside and killing a woman in the parking lot.

Thomas B. Wine, who is the commonwealth attorney for the 30th judicial district, told reporters that whether or not the shootings are looked at as hate crimes wouldn’t change the prosecution of the case.

I believe there is no explanation for what happened — he did not know either of these individuals.  The first victim in the case, Mr. Stallard, was shot from behind. He had no idea what was getting ready to happen.

The town's police chief said he believes the killings were racially motivated and federal investigators and looking into whether hate crimes charges are justified.