Kendrick Lamar can be a comedian when the moment is right. Remember his phone call prank on Jay Rock? Hilarious. Well, the Compton rhymer is at it again. Thiis time he crashed a wedding reception in Columbus, Ohio, over the weekend.

In the funny clip, K.Dot enters a hall and heads toward the dance floor while the newlywed couple’s guests are getting down. Lamar starts getting in the groove as well, which involves him “dabbin'” -- a dance made popular by artists like Migos and Future -- as Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody" playing in the background.

Many of the partygoers were oblivious to the fact that a superstar rapper was dancing alongside them but it wasn’t long before a guest interrupted the moment and asked the camera guy, “You guys are at this party? Who got married?”

After it was clear that Lamar and another guy, who was dressed in a onesie, wasn't on the guest list, they were ordered to “Get the f--- out!” According to TMZ, someone eventually recognized Lamar and cooler heads prevailed.

Watch Kendrick Lamar get his dab on at the wedding above.

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