On Monday’s ‘Piers Morgan Tonight,’ Kelsey Grammer talked about his marriage to (and bitter divorce from) third wife Camille, which has played out in the media and on her reality show ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.’

The ‘Frasier’ actor, who alluded to his ex-wife’s hunger for fame, said the reality show was his “parting gift” to her.

“It was my way of saying, ‘Look, you always wanted to be famous. Here you go.’ … [she got] attention… which I think is what she was most interested in,” he added.

Asked by Morgan whether he thought Camille had married him because he was a TV icon, Grammer said, “No, I think she married me because I was Frasier.”

Also on Grammer’s mind is his political life. While Grammer, who recently wed for the fourth time, is a self-professed Republican, he differs from the party line when it comes to gay marriage — he supports it and doesn’t think the government should be involved.

“I guess I’m more libertarian in that way,” he said. “I think marriage is up to two people that love each other, and if you find a church that you want to get married in, you go right ahead,” he said.