While she and her husband Tim Witherspoon promised each other that they would be keeping the sex of their first child a secret, Kelly Rowland just couldn't help herself.

During an interview with FOX411 to talk about #AmpYourFab campaign and contest with Caress and the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards, Kelly slipped and alluded to her baby's gender when talking about all the fun stuff she's been getting from the skincare line.

“We’re very excited,” Rowland told FOX411. “So far, everything has been good. I just feel like the baby is already rotten -- like literally, my Caress family has gotten him all of his little bathing stuff, his toys -- it’s just so cool.”

She then realized what came out of her mouth, reportedly sighed, laughed and said, “It, it’s...aw, f--- it! It’s a boy. It’s a boy!”

Once that happened, she quickly told her rep to tell her husband what just happened. “Can you please tell him that I spilled the beans?” Kelly looked down and caressed her growing bump. “I’m sorry, baby,” she said. “But yes, it’s very exciting.”

Although the cat is now officially out of the bag, there were speculations that Kelly was having a boy once she posted a photo of two pairs of Jordans on Istagram upon the annoucement of her pregnancy.

But of course, it's good that everything is all confirmed. Congratuations to the soon-to-be parents!