Keke Palmer is shutting down the idea that her new tattoo has anything to do with marijuana.

When Palmer revealed her tattoo, which reads "Queen of Kush," many thought the 22-year-old was talking about the infamous plant. But Palmer is schooling her followers today by telling them that Kush actually refers to the African kingdom, Nubia.

"The Kingdom of Kush or Kush was an ancient African Nubian kingdom situated on the confluences of the Blue Nile, White Nile and River Atbara,” read Palmer's Instagram caption. “But at the height of its power in about 700 B.C. the Kingdom of Kush controlled the entirety of Egypt itself with Kushite Pharaohs ruling."

It seems that the Kingdom holds a special place in the young singer's heart as well. "What I love most is it's history's [sic] of female rulers!! In school, we very rarely ever learn about female rules and never about African rulers. Amanirenas was one of the most famous Queens of Kush," she continued. According to Palmer, the Queen ruled for 40 years and was able to form a peace treaty that "favored the Kushites."

It seems Palmer put a lot of thought into her latest ink placed on the back of her neck. This is Palmer's sixth tattoo. She has a wrist tattoo that reads "God is love," an anchor tattoo on her left ankle, two hearts behind her ear, a touching quote on her bicep and a Bible verse on her ribcage.

Check out latest tattoo and read her full lesson on Kush above.