Some observers are troubled that Rihanna would consider getting back together with Chris Brown, given that he pleaded guilty to assaulting her, but Katy Perry says that if RiRi wants to reconcile with Breezy, she would support the pairing.

Hollywood Life quotes a source close to Perry who says, “Katy and Rihanna are best friends. Katy will support anything that Rihanna does. Rihanna has been there for Katy through everything and they want the other to be happy.”

A different source quoted by the website says the rumors about Rihanna and Brown reconciling are accurate: “They love each other, pure and simple. Looks like this is the beginning of them getting back together. Some people around her aren’t happy and are trying to stop [the relationship], but it’s looking like it can’t be stopped.”

Brown and Rihanna recently added guest verses to each other’s songs, a move which has reportedly earned criticism behind closed doors from Jay-Z and others who haven’t forgiven Brown. Rihanna appears on the ‘Turn Up the Music’ remix, while Breezy jumped on the new recording of ‘Birthday Cake.’

Perry has been working out her own relationship issues after husband Russell Brand filed for divorce in December. ‘Part of Me,’ the song that seems to address the divorce, currently occupies the No. 1 position on the singles chart.